Monday, June 9, 2014

7 Gift Ideas for the No. 1 Dad

Father's Day is almost here, and if you're like me it has crept up on you, and you're suddenly realizing that you need to do something about it!!! Here are 7 gift ideas for the slightly quirky, but still classy father.

1) The Good Loo Guide

An all-time classic guide to the loos of London by Jonathan Routh. Perfect for the dad who is always yearning for the good old days when public conveniences were a matter of pride!
No longer in print, but you can Buy on Amazon

2) Twinned Toilet
If you want to invest a bit for something meaningful, why not twin a toilet? For £60 he'll get a cool certificate to hang in the bog and you'll have contributed to providing a few more people with a better chance at clean water and sanitation.

3) Poo Pourri 

You may have heard of the Before You Go Toilet Spray from their viral video a couple years ago. They offer a range of Manly scents including:

4) Bum Fodder: The Absorbing History of Toilet Paper

Another wonderfully charming book... for the dad who likes the history of every-day objects. It's also perfect for reading on the Loo! Buy on Amazon

5) Cellar Door Membership

If your dad is the classy sort who likes a cocktail now and again, why not gift him a membership to Cellar Door? £39 buys a years worth of discounts, offers, a birthday bottle of bubbles, and of course access to some amazing loos at the grooviest bar on Aldwych.  Buy Membership Here

6) Thomas Crapper Bling

Thomas Crapper remains one of the most iconic names in toilet provision, and there are loads of options to celebrate the name including: Toilet Roll, Emergency Plumbing Kit, Toilet Signs... or if you want to go full-out check out Thomas Crapper & Company for complete bathroom sets!

7) Loo Tours Gift Certificate

And of course how could we not end by tooting our own horn with the shameless self-plug? Loo Tours Gift Certificates are available for any number of attendees at

Please note, Loo Tours cannot take responsibility for ruined relationships resulting from misguided attempts at humour. Make sure your dad will appreciate toiletalia before you give it to him! 


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