Thursday, September 18, 2014

"I don't know if I want anyone to buy me"

Much to do, but a friend pointed me towards an episode of This American Life (which I'm listening to while I work) and I need to take time out for a quick thought:

A snippet from it stuck with me:
"Chris isn't looking for profitable. He's looking for Twitter. Something Huge. Or if not twitter then something he could sell to twitter or some other big company. He asked me this question: 'What would the exit be?' and by that he means what large company will buy your company in 3-5 years.... I hadn't really thought about that question. I don't know if I want anyone to buy me."
This sums up exactly how I feel about Loo Tours and the Loo Lady. They are too personal to me. They are something I'd love to expand, but that I always want to be an integral part of. And that's why Loo Tours itself will never be big business.

That said, I have always said that the great thing about dignity is you can sell it over and over again.

Here's a song from Tom Lehrer

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