Monday, September 22, 2014

The Loo Lady takes the plunge

I have been thinking a lot about how tied up I am with the identity of London Loo Tours and what it's going to mean both for that brand and for me if I end up back in the US next year. Now that I am bringing others on board the "me" and "we" of Loo Tours was starting to get fuzzy. Do I tweet pictures of my morris dance events and where I went for dinner, or should I stick to toilets? And if toilets, just tour specific? Or my recent trip to Sketch?

The result  of these thoughts plus a couple insomniac nights and a lot of Ghiradelli chocolate chips has been that the Loo Lady now has her own website and twitter account:

These will be a place to list things that don't quite fit into the Loo Tours brand. It frees up Loo Tours as a specific project to do with on-street site-specific exploration of toilets and sanitation and storytelling, while the Loo Lady can run off and pursue other things from crazy ideas like knitting toilet paper scarves (the Knitters for Shitters project) to supporting other organizations and events, to development of new projects. There will still be a lot of cross-promotion I'm sure, but it's a chance for me to take a step back and start thinking more about the different pieces of what I have created. 

It's a way of claiming the identity I've created... whether as a smart business move or a purely self-indulgent whim.

The Loo Lady by Laura Nash

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