Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Form and function: Poo!

This is possibly the most frivolous post I have ever written, but I got the perfect dress for my birthday! It's comfy, slightly 50's looking, and covered in subtle poop emojis. 

The website of BetaBrand reads:
"if you are a refined woman — a thoughtful, sophisticated woman — for whom form and function are like lovers inexorably intertwined in a sultry garden of orchids at dusk, then, by all means, we invite you to order this turd-covered dress.
I continually say that toilets, and consequently related things like poop, should be classy. It needn't be rubbed in people's faces (literally or figuratively) but creating a culture where people feel comfortable talking about it will go a long way towards solving a multitude of our current problems around health and hygiene.

It has actually been a fairly poop-centric week for me professionally. A few days ago I had a lovely conversation with Shawn Shafter, the creator of The POOP Project. Shawn is an artist and educator who has spent the last five years making poop fun. In some ways we came to the subject from opposite ends. I started with infrastructure: the physical spaces where we do the deed, while he comes from the personal: how we feel about it and what we do with it. He ties it to body positivity, environment and community.

More on poop soon. Meantime some exciting links:

The Poo Emoji Dress can be found here: 

And gents don't need to feel left out, because there's a shirt too! 

And high top shoes for everyone!


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