Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This Week in Toilets

I have spent the past two months fully immersed in theatre, and as a result haven't had much opportunity to think about toilets (other than the obligatory personal visits of course!) But now my time is becoming more my own again and I'm ready to plunge back in. I've missed being the Loo Lady. Starting to become too normal for comfort.

I may have been on hiatus, but the world of toilets keeps on running, so here are the two interesting local toilet news stories of the week:

San Francisco has just painted its first pee proof walls. 

The urine-resistant paint is designed to repel the stream of Urine and send it back at the offender. The idea was pioneered in St. Pauli Germany and has now made its way to nine walls in San Francisco (though SF doesn't seem to have adopted the "We Pee Back" signs that the Germans posted.) So far reports are favorable in terms of a decrease in open urination on those particular walls, but what the larger effect will be only time will tell: You can't paint every wall in the city, and people still have to go somewhere!

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San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Running on Poo Platform

One of the city's coolest bloggers just got even cooler. Not only is he running for Mayor... the first issue he's chosen to campaign on is open defecation! Where most politicians don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole for fear of political suicide, Broke Ass Stuart (Stuart Schuffmann) is right in there, pointing out the issues, proposing a solution and recognizing that while open defecation is a symptom of a much larger social equality providing dignified ways of getting the poo of the streets is a good start. I do hope he wins, and when he does, I want to be on the newly formed Privy Council!

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  1. Better than spending two weeks fully immersed in a toilet!