Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2022: Relaunch?!?!?

New Year, new resolutions... 'why not return to blogging?' I thought! It's so long since I have done any significant writing, and there are so many ideas I want to explore. So I opened up the blog and was mildly horrified to see that my last post was just over 3 years ago.

When I began this blog in 2013 I was a freshly graduated Master of Applied Theatre looking for a purpose in life. Loo Tours became that purpose, but I never expected that 9 years later I would still be doing it.  Loo Tours has trundled along. I calculated today that I have now shown at least 3500 people around toilets, which ammounts to more than 1 a day over the last 9 years.

In that time I have moved countries twice (to the US and back to England), got married, had a baby, and survived two years of a global pandemic. On more than once occasion I drifted away from toilets (in a professional capacity... they have been the one true constant in my personal life) but I keep coming back to them. The botomless subject with endless branches to explore.

So, my readers (all 10 or so of you)... what can you expect from here on out? 

  • Some combination (tbd) of history, social science, and personal reflection, mostly but not exclusively themed around toilets.
  • Updates on what I'm up to  toilet- and other- wise (without wanting to jinx it there are a couple potential exciting things coming up this year.) 
  • Occasional but repettative attempts at puns. Mostly bad.
  • Excellent factoids to throw into your own dinner time discourse... I guarentee they will either stimulate or completely halt the conversation, depending on the company you keep.
  • The same poor spelling and punctuation you have come to expect from my posts... as the mother of a nearly 2 year old I am incredibly lucky if I get time to write let alone read over what I have written. That said, I love to crowd source my proofreading, so you have my blessing to drop any niggly notes in the comments (plus I think lots of comments boosts my SEO or something. 

My goal is to write a couple times a month as inspiration and the afforesaid toddler allow. Stay tuned next for a Thomas Crapper Day post (unless the muse strikes before then.)

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